Who Are We?

A humble beginning...

In the year 2000, the quiet call of a week-old orange kitten trapped in a sewer caught the notice of a busy father on his way home. Cookie was unlike most – separated from his siblings at birth and hand-raised by humans, he was a quirky cat but loved just the same by a little girl; then 7 – Our founder Debrah. Cookie lived to a ripe old age of 17, and Debrah would go on to become everyone’s go-to cat person. She didn’t know much, but she knew for sure, that cats made her and the people around them, happy.

Her love for cats led her to pursue her passion in companion cat care. Since 2012, our two-person team (Debrah and her husband, Jeremy) has expanded to a team of over 30 cat lovers and owners, working towards a shared goal of making high quality cat care accessible and affordable in Singapore.

Through the Neko Neko Group, we hope to improve the lives of cats — owned or unowned — by educating cat owners, lovers and the general public about cat care. The more informed, the better the cat parent 🙂

Debrah Lau
Co-founder, Neko Neko Group

We envision:

A world where cats are better understood, treated with respect and kindness, and cared for to the best of their owner’s abilities.

Our Journey So Far


Singapore Cat Festival

Finding ways to reach out to a broader community of cat parents, we held the first ever Singapore Cat Festival in 2018 – A gathering point to rally support for the local cat-loving community, while educating prospective cat owners & the general public on the importance of responsible cat ownership and cat care.



Nekomori Cat Salon

We believe that cat grooming should be a pleasant, stress-free experience for both cats and their owners. Nekomori was designed for the purpose of providing holistic, low-stress grooming services for cats of all ages and comfort levels.



Neko Neko Cat Store

A first of its kind in Singapore, each Neko Neko Cat Store houses our retail, grooming and/or boarding services under one roof. Designed to be a cat-friendly space, owners can enjoy shopping for quality brands in the company of their feline friends.


This is just the beginning.

Find out what we have planned next to build a community of better cat parents:

Our people make it pawsible.

We are only as good as our people – that’s why we take extra care before introducing a new face to the team. Think you’re the one we’re looking for?

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