The cost of feeding your cat

The cost of feeding your cat

Title: The Ultimate Guide to Feeding Your Cat: Finding the Purrfect Diet

Are you ready to dive into the world of cat nutrition and do some "cat math"? We're here to guide you through the maze of options and help you find the purrfect diet for your feline friend!

Determining Your Cat's Caloric Needs

First things first, let's talk about how much you should be feeding your cat. On average, a 5-kg cat requires around 220 calories per day. Now, let's break down the different types of cat food options available:

Dry Food

If your cat is on a kibble-only diet, a 1kg bag of kibbles would provide approximately 18 servings, costing you around $1.86 per day. However, a kibble-only diet is not ideal due to its low moisture content, added preservatives, and imbalance of carbohydrates to proteins, which may lead to obesity.

Average Wet Food

An average can of wet food contains approximately 41 calories and costs around $1.50. However, it's important to note that wet food should not be the sole diet as it lacks balance. To meet your cat's caloric needs, you may have to feed up to five and a half cans daily, exceeding the recommended feeding portions by five times.

Premium Wet Food

On the other hand, a premium can of chicken wet food contains approximately 113 calories, is complete and balanced, and is high in protein and moisture. Feeding your cat two cans daily would cost about $13.60, providing optimal nutrition.

Freeze-Dried Food

A 1kg pack of freeze-dried food contains approximately 903 calories and offers the closest nutrients to a raw meal. With four servings per pack, it would cost you around $20 daily. The freeze-drying method helps retain nutrients and natural flavors, making it appealing to cats.

Raw Meals

A raw chicken meal contains 113 calories and mimics a cat’s carnivorous diet, providing high protein and moisture content with minimal additives. Feeding your cat two portions daily would cost about $4.25.


While kibble may be cost-effective, it's not the healthiest option due to its high carbohydrates, low moisture, and limited nutrient bioavailability. Wet food comes in various forms, some balanced and some not. Freeze-dried food offers convenience and nutritional benefits comparable to raw meals. Contrary to common belief, feeding a raw diet is not as expensive as one might think and offers the highest protein and moisture content, making it the healthiest option for your cat.

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