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A world where cats are better understood, treated with respect and kindness, and cared for to the best of their owner’s abilities.

Our Journey


Nekojam started out as an online pet store serving the needs of pet owners islandwide. As of 2023, it has been rebranded as Neko Neko and is known synonymously with a commitment to good quality cat brands, customer service excellence, and honest cat care service.


Through an emphasis on holistic cat care, Nekoya transforms how cat owners travel, and strive to provide a superior boarding experience for as many cats and their owners as possible.


Finding ways to reach out to a broader community of cat parents, we held the first ever Singapore Cat Festival in 2018 – A gathering point to rally support for the local cat-loving community, while educating prospective cat owners & the general public on the importance of responsible cat ownership and cat care.


We believe that cat grooming should be a pleasant, stress-free experience for both cats and their owners. Nekomori was designed for the purpose of providing holistic, low-stress grooming services for cats of all ages and comfort levels.


A first of its kind in Singapore, each Neko Neko Cat Store houses our retail, grooming and/or boarding services under one roof. Designed to be a cat-friendly space, owners can enjoy shopping for quality brands in the company of their feline friends.

Committed to Holistic Cat Care

Our group of companies has grown laterally to include our sister companies; the Nekoya Cat Hotels and Nekomori Cat Salon, remaining true to our mission to provide holistic cat care services to cats and cat owners in Singapore.

We’re committed to going the distance with you, whatever stage in your pet parenthood journey you may be in. Whether it’s the most competitive deals on cat food you’re looking for or pocket-friendly product recommendations for a new arrival at home, we put our 110% into every day to uphold our promise of being the better pet store for #BetterPetParents, serving the pet community in Singapore since 2012.

Our Brands

Feline-Only Store

First of its kind in Singapore, Neko Neko cat stores brings the pawrent community into one space to serve their needs.

Boarding Hotels

The Nekoya Cat Hotel is Singapore’s leading provider of private cat daycare and professional boarding services.

Grooming Services

Our certified Cat Grooming Artisans conduct gentle cat grooming from the comforts of our cat-only grooming salon, Nekomori.

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