Professional Cat-only Grooming Course

The Nekomori Academy is South-East Asia’s first feline grooming school dedicated to nurturing compassionate, kind and talented Cat Groomers.

Under the tutelage of our expert team of instructors, our feline-focused foundation course is structured to ensure that students who come through our doors are well-equipped with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills they will need to safely and professionally handle companion cats.

Get Certified in 3 Steps

Sign up for our 5-week professional course. No prior experience needed!

Achieve at least 75% attendance through 20 grooming lessons.

Take and pass 2 exams (theory/practical) to receive your cat grooming certificate.

Comprehensive Theory & Practical Syllabus

Basic Grooming Theory

Health & Anatomy

Temperament & Safe cat handling

Introduction to Grooming & Safety Tools

Facial Cleaning, Nail Clipping, Toothbrushing

Bath & Dry

Advanced Grooming Theory

Scissoring & Shaving Techniques

Blades & Attachments

Grooming Aggressive & Senior cats

Practical Lessons

Dummy scissoring

Role Play with cats (provided)

Performing Essential, Classic & Signature Groom

Salon Attachments

Customer Service

Check-in & check-out

Assessing a cat’s temperament

Highlighting skin and coat issues

Updating customer professionally