Checkers and Mittens were 2 of 9 cats caged in appalling living conditions by an unconscionable hoarder among a mess of clutter on the lift landing of a one-bedroom studio HDB rental home.

Checkers & Mittens in their old, filthy cage

Multiple cats were sadly confined in filthy cages stacked on top of each other. Cages were heavily soiled with waste but not cleared for days; filthy and smelly, these cats were deprived of freedom of movement, fresh water, food, clean litterboxes, basic grooming, and medical care. The floor under the cages were covered in a thick layer of fur and waste.

Checker's, Mittens' and 8 other cats' living conditions.

Despite not having the resources, space, and time to care for the cats, the hoarder refused to give up the cats so they could be rehomed and continued to neglect them. The cats were finally surrendered after 11 months with the help of some individuals and Project Luni. However, for 1 of their friends, help came too late and lost its life.

When finally surrendered, Checkers and Mittens smelled of poo after having laid in it for a long time. They were covered in fleas; their ears were blackened, and yeast infested. Checkers was not eating due to painful unchecked enamel lesions. 

Now, Checker'ss doing alright! His dental X-rays are scheduled as he’s still grinding his teeth. But other than that, he’s very very gentle and sweet.


Checkers during & after his clean-up!

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