Rescuer: @gingyfanclub
Fosterer: @panko_souffle

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Hello, I'm gingyfanclub on Instagram.

I started feeding strays around 2017 to 2018. Then I started to help with TNR in 2020.

I think what motivates me is when I rescue cats, to see them indoors and getting the love that they deserve. So it's very satisfying to see a cat thrive after they receive love from their humans.

I thought that since I have the ability to give them a voice through social media, I would help them find their humans.

I wouldn’t say he's very old, but I did hesitate because of limited resources. So I always wanted to find him a home, but I didn’t have the time and resource to do so. So I just felt that it was very sad to see him along the corridor every day. Then he don’t really have a fixed caretaker.

I knew that it would be a challenge, knowing that most people would hesitate to adopt adult cats. Plus, he's a normal looking cat. So I felt that even so, they still deserve a chance because people could give them their best life before they're gone.

I think fostering adult cats is much chiller compared to a kitten because kittens are much more playful and active compared to senior cats. So I actually adopted a senior cat before, and he was the most talkative and greedy cat. So I’ll say that fostering an adult might be easier for some people because they are much independent and you don't have to play with them as much as a kitten.

So if they have existing health issues, then maybe fosterers will have to learn how to do things like feeding supplements, medication, or give subcutaneous fluids. But I think you’ll get a hang of it. Either way, it's better to learn all these skills because eventually, the kittens will grow old.

So he's actually a very docile, manja kind of cat. He loves human touch a lot. So whenever I come into the room, he'll come running towards me and then he would rub his body against me, and circle around. And when I walk, I find it difficult to walk as well because he will just keep trying to follow me and try to stay ahead of me. So he has this thing where whenever I enter the room, then he'll look at me and he'll be like, (meow) Before he starts to investigate where I went, etc.

He’s honestly super cute. I've never met a cat like him. Whenever I sleep or I take a nap, he'll always be beside me. He's always leaning against me. And then he’ll fall asleep as well.

I would like to tell everyone that senior cats are the chillest and they are still babies. So, to a human, four to five years of their remaining life may seem short. But I think we shouldn't underestimate a cat’s lifespan because they can actually live up to 18 to 20 years. So in the senior cat’s perspective, their remaining years with you might be their best life.

So I think why not we make their remaining years a loving one because they didn't really have a chance when they were younger. So I think it would be nice if a human can give them their best retirement years.

At this moment, he hasn’t found anyone yet, but I hope that this video will help. So to the future family, I would like to thank them in advance for accepting this big baby. I hope that he can bring you the same amount of joy that any pet owners can have. So, thank you for making his retirement meaningful.

I think you guys are really lucky to have him because I've never met such a human or a puppy-like cat. But you know, just without all the hyper energy. I hope that you guys can give him all the love that he needs and all the attention that he wants and just to give him the best life that he can have.

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